Anti-Anxiety Course

About Anti-Anxiety Course

Anti-Anxiety course starts on April 11th. The course has 10 modules that will be live and pre-recorded. Live webinar are on zoom and will be approximately 60-90 minutes. In each webinar we will cover common and uncommon causes of anxiety, fears and panic attacks. The meditation from the webinar will be recorded and available for listening outside of webinar hours. You can choose to follow the live schedule or you can watch the replays. This course is designed to safely bring the unknown into "known" and "realized" without retraumatizing or reliving the traumatic memories. All you need is headphones, time set aside for this anti-anxiety course and open mind. If you have beliefs about anxiety that are blocking you from healing by defining it as a lifelong problem, genetic condition, wired for lifetime issue, we will break through those walls to help you gain your power back. It's time to switch helplessness into empowerment, anxiety into inner peace and hopelessness into inspiration.
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What I will learn?

  • In this course you will learn:
  • limiting beliefs, that are blocking you from healing
  • common and uncommon reason for anxious mind and body
  • how thought trigger physical response and why
  • why anxiety is not yours and it is not a life sentence
  • practical tools to calm your body and mind
  • how to observe your thoughts that trigger worry and fear
  • how to create space between the trigger and the reaction
  • how to let go of control and go with the flow
  • how to trust the life journey
  • how to let go of expectations and disappointments
  • how to find your uniqueness and stop living someone else's life

Course Curriculum

Module#1 The World of Inner Peace
Welcome to the course. We will go through all the things that you want to achieve from the next 3 weeks. The structure of the course. Setting intentions. Testing the readiness. Eliminating limiting beliefs about anxiety, fears and panic.

  • The World of Inner Piece Masterclass
  • Meditation Practice

Module #2 Release Importance
In this class we will cover all common reasons that triggers anxiety, based of the inner importance we make in our mind for a specific area of our life. We will define what is important for you and why this is exactly what feeds the anxious thoughts. You will be able to find one or more areas of your life that you send all your energy towards so that at the end there is nothing left to enjoy life to the fullest.

Module #3 Desires Vs Inner Resources
Let's cover another root cause of the anxiety - our desires.

Module #4 Underchallenged mind
Let's dive into what we actually want and whether we are giving our body and mind what it needs. And why underchallenged mind can cause dull, sometimes slight but constant anxiety.

Module #5 Comparison
There is no one like you on this planet. Your lifepath is unique so there is no way you can be like anyone else, or whether you will be happy trying to fit into someone else's shoes. Aside from constant emotional turmoil, comparison brings a friend with itself - anxiety.

Module #6 Borrowed goals
You probably have lots of goals. But are they yours? Like truly yours? Because if they were, you wouldn't be anxious about them. But if you are, let's define what is truly authentically yours and what is not.

Module #7 Fighting for control
And we move into one of the main roots and causes of anxious feeling and thoughts - control. Let's find why we want to control everything, truly believing we can. Anxiety creeps in for one and only reason - the inner knowing that we cannot control anything outside of our mind.

Module #8 Valley of Familiar
Did you know you can experience anxiety and fears even if you stay in the comfort zone. More than that, the anxiety can intensify in the routine. Why? Let's find out.

Module #9 Overwhelmed mind
Too much to do, too much to work on, too much to handle, to much to check off list, too much to think out, too much to plan too much to organize, too much to buy. Aren't you anxious already just by reading this. Let's change that

Module #10 Unconscious Thoughts and Triggers
Often we don't know what triggers out anxiety. We wake up in the morning anxious and go to bed anxious. Let's uncovers most common unconscious thoughts and triggers for anxiety

Bonus Module: Money Blocks
This is a bonus module and we will discuss financial fears, money blocks and a path to abundance. Fear of poverty is a universal fear, it is connected to primal survival and can cause anxiety and worry.

Additional resources
If you want to learn more about fears and anxiety, it is always beneficial to enrich your mindset with now knowledge in self-discovery. Here is a list of book you'll love and take so much value from:

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A course by

Kate Semeniuk
Kate Semeniuk
RTT Therapist, Mind Body Coach


  • quiet space
  • notepad for taking notes
  • printer for worksheets (not necessary)
  • headphones (optional)
  • zoom (optional)
  • curiosity and open mind

Target Audience

  • people with anxiety problems
  • people, who have GAD
  • people who live in constant fears
  • people with phobias and panic attacks
  • people, who don't see improvements from traditional methods
  • people who know what to do already logically, but subconsciously go back to old thoughts and patterns