Hypnotherapy pricing is in Canadian dollars. There are multiple ways how you can choose to work with me. All services can be booked after initial 15 min consultation.

anxiety treatment with hypnosis

Hypnotherapy session

  • 2 hour RTT hypnotherapy session (root-cause uncover and reset)
  • Personalized hypnosis recording (15-20 min) to reprogram your subconscious mind
  • Email check ins every week for 3 weeks, Q&As
  • Free 7 day course for mind awareness


Deep transformation

  • 3 RTT Hypnotherapy experiences
  • 3 Transformational hypnosis recordings
  • Email check ins every week for 3 weeks, Q&As
  • 1 coaching session 
  • Mind Guide online course 
  • 50% OFF on all online courses
  • Continuing support throughout the program


Coaching session

  • 1 hour coaching sessions
  • Coaching support after hypnotherapy sessions
  • Identifying life purpose and mission
  • Help in turbulence times
  • Assisting in making life changes and decisions