Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Do you feel like your inner world is going to explode when you see hear or experience anxiety and panic attacks? The anxiety is bubbling up, therefore making your heart race faster and the only thought in your mind is – RUN, FIGHT or SHUT DOWN. Hypnotherapy is an effective for anxiety relief.

Anxiety and panic attacks can be triggered by many things – a traumatic event in the past, certain situations, or even a sight, sound or smell.

What is the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack? The difference is only in the severity of the symptoms. When we don’t address anxiety attacks it can turn into a full panic attack. Usually panic attacks are very unexpected, because of the triggers that are in our subconscious mind. With anxiety attacks, we usually know we are under chronic stress, very tired or overwhelmed.

If you Google Panic Attacks or Anxiety the first 5 to 10 results will have a word “disorder” in its headline.

But is it really a disorder? I, as a hypnotherapist, am very careful with what words I use whether out loud or in my mind. Words have a direct impact on our cells. It has been scientifically proven that negative words cause our body to tense and positive to relax. The word disorder is definitely not a positive one, more than that for many it means fear, disability, something is wrong, hopelessness and malfunction.

Panic attacks or anxiety are called a disorder by medical professional, as they can be chronic and out of control. Disorder requires treatment and research. And that’s the job of doctors and health care experts. For me, they are the symptoms. Just like a runny nose or coughing but never ending. The main purpose of anxiety and panic attacks is to protect your psyche, to warn you and to get you out of danger as fast as possible, even if it means shutting down your systems completely.

Here is a case study from my hypnotherapy practice:

A young man is having a panic attack every Friday and Saturday just before a family dinner. During a family dinner he is all tensed up, very anxious and without appetite. He pushes through it and on Sunday he feels emotionally and physically drained. He needs at least 2 days to recover and on Monday evening he finally feels ok. However, the Friday evening rolls over and the crippling feeling is there again, causing anxiety first and then a panic attack. During multiple therapy sessions he learned coping and breathing techniques, he is now capable of pushing through it, so he feels it is better while it’s not it’s just that he manages better now.
He comes to me in hopes to resolve the problem because panic attacks cause him relationship problems, intimacy issues and communication difficulties at his job.
When we go into hypnosis we find out that at every family dinner he meets his older cousin. And though they have amazing relationship now, he used to abuse my client in childhood, emotionally and sexually. The memories were so deeply buried that the only way they showed up was anger outbursts and intimacy issues. When my client asks me: why is it still bothering me? I forgave him already, I don’t even remember it anymore in detail. I usually answer, even though you feel like you forgave, your 8 years old mind is still with you and that part of you (let’s call it inner child) is still hurt, still in pain. In the session we reframe the beliefs and integrate that isolated experience into the present.

Did it magically heal my clients? No. But it gave him an understanding of why he has panic attacks. In 4 weeks he stopped going to family dinners, he created a space for healing and in 2 months he confronted his cousin. Their relationship didn’t suffer, because it turned out his cousin was tormented by those actions as well and couldn’t find the courage to bring up the topic 20 years later.

After sometime I received a follow up message that my client is free from panic attacks and he found another job where he is valued and appreciated. He is also opening up to his partner about the trauma and their relationship improved dramatically.
I am a great believer that every healing starts with understanding…

Let’s get back to triggers

Now you can understand how we can get triggered by anything – a phone call from an old friend reminding us of old times, the smell of a perfume your mom used to have, when she only saw you twice a month in between her busy schedule. You can get triggered by a face on the street that reminds you of a person that hurt you in the past.

The story of the root cause will be yours and no one else’s, you don’t have to listen to other experiences and decide that you have it too. The best way is to find the answer within yourself and for yourself.

During multiple therapy sessions he learned coping and breathing techniques, he is now capable of pushing through it, so he feels better while it’s not completely gone. It just means that he manages them better now.

How RTT Hypnotherapy can help you solve your problem with panic attacks and anxiety?

  • Finds The Root Cause
  • Reinforces Positive Suggestions 
  • Helps you stay in the moment and appreciate “the present”

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