Phobia is an intensified fear, the triggered panic that happens when we are in certain situations. Most phobias are just the trick of the mind to make you run from the threat as far as possible and if you don’t, it will give you real physical symptoms.

How do we come up with phobia?

At some moment, whether known to you or hidden from you in your subconscious mind, you connected a certain event, situation, environment, circumstances, people or animal with an immediate danger, life or death situation. There was a click in your brain that was so powerful and now, many years later, that connection is still strong and triggers you. For example, fear of dogs can happen after attack, isolated emotional and traumatic moment that involved dogs or even mentioning of dogs. There could be literally anything that triggered phobia and the only way to find out and to release those triggers is to integrate suppressed emotions and unprocessed feeling into your present life. So that you become indifferent the source of the phobia.

Here is a case study from my practice:

A young girl came to me with severe phobia of cats. She is not only afraid of them, she develops allergy whenever she is close by or in the cat friendly environment. The reason she decided to address this phobia with hypnotherapy is because she generally had low stress level, was very happy with her life and used to adore cats. So she doesn’t understand why she has this fear and allergy to cats.


When we go into RTT session, we discover that same moment when she started to have phobia of cats. She was young, about 24 years old and was having loving supportive relationship with her partner. They had this beautiful cat and were planning to have baby in the near future. She was very content with her life at that time. The scene that she locked onto in hypnosis was a scene where her partner tells her he found someone else and that he doesn’t have any feeling towards my client anymore. At that moment when she received these shocking news, she was petting a cat in her lap. 


I explained to her that when we experience shock, our mind is a camera and it takes picture of everything around us to memorize the scene as very dangerous. After that, the mind stores these mental 5D pictures in our subconscious mind to retrieve them whenever we are in the similar situation so that we can stay out of and stay safe.


For my client, cat became an unconscious trigger about that traumatic experience. And even if she avoided cats after that, her body still reacted with symptoms of allergy.


Other scenes evolved around attachment issues, fear of loneliness and self-love. There were a lot of repressed emotions hidden in the past which my client numbed with overachieving and perfectionism. During the transformational part of the session, she realized that her happiness only depends on her inner state and that she is absolutely enough even when she is single. Also, she connected her childhood beliefs with her present behaviours and understood that she is not that person anymore. That she has a choice and she is an independent, smart, beautiful women who is in control of her mind. 


We had an amazing session 1 month later we had another session on childhood trauma. As a result of those 2 sessions, her allergies were gone, she didn’t react to cats in a way that she used to. Did she start to love cats? Not yet But she stepped into a magic of self-healing and is getting better every day. The biggest insight for her was that she can be content by herself and for herself and she stopped putting her happiness in the hands of her partners.

Here are main phobias that people come to me with:

  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of driving
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of animals
  • Fear of spiders / bugs / bees
  • Fear of childbirth
  • Fear of cluster holes
  • Fear of vomiting
  • Fear of confined spaces
  • Fear of darkness
  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of doctors
  • Fear of choking
  • Fear of open spaces
  • Fear of swimming
  • Fear of storms
  • Fear of bacteria
  • Fear of mirrors
  • Fear of clocks
  • Fear of men / women
  • Fear of clowns
  • Fear of dentists
  • Fear of blood
  • Fear of water
  • Fear of viruses
  • Fear of panic attack
  • Fear of strangers

How RTT can help you solve your problem with phobia?

  • Finds The Root Cause of phobia
  • Decompress isolated emotional moments from the past
  • Help you become indifferent to triggers

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