I am so happy you found me. It means you are exploring the option of using the power of hypnotherapy to overcome depression.

Depression has so many shades to it, so many symptoms, but really only few causes – trauma, inability to connect and not following your heart’s desires. As a result, your happy and stress hormones get affected and you stop seeing the light in the end. 

I want to tell you this – there is a light. You came to this planet with a purpose, not depressed and with a set of genes that some doctors say are not possible to change.

Life goes on and so the science too. New theories are developed and the biggest discovery in the field of genetics is that your mind and body is capable of switching on and off those genes – it is called Epigenetics. With this knowledge, you can be assured that once you connect depression to the root cause and reason (which will be your environment, your childhood, your early beliefs, feelings and emotions), you can find your light again. Because your genes still remember that pure code you were born with.

Here is a case study from my hypnotherapy practice:

Depression is a loss of meaning in life. Confusion. Sadness. Regrets. While anxiety is a worry about future outcomes, depression is regression to past events, inability to see the future the way we want it to be. 

So when a 47 year old client came to see me for depression relief, we started the intake right from the symptoms, thoughts, beliefs and his past. The story of abused childhood, depressed parents and struggles when growing up was emotional for client to tell me. He tried therapy, meditations and many other alternative and traditional ways of treatment. All would help to an extent but never release the sadness or help him take actions towards significant changes. 

When we go into the session, even during the induction, the client starts to cry just from the main concept of allowing himself to feel the emotions. Many years of suppressed emotions start to come out and the first sign of release are visible. 20 minutes into the session, we explore scenes that became the root cause of his sadness and suffering. The scene of a constantly crying mom, abusive dad and so much more pain that was put on the shoulders of that little boy. He starts to belief that it is going to be like that forever so… there is no point in looking for positive future. This belief was internalized and cemented in his brain, replaying and manifesting for the next 40 years.

However, in that pain he finds joy – music. And that’s what keeps him going through young and teenage years. We also investigate and find out that there were people in his childhood that loved him unconditionally – his dog and his neighbour who would treat him with kindness and hot meals on the toughest days. 

And usually we forget those moments of happiness because our mind is programmed to look for dangers. In happy moments there is no threat so the mind let’s go and forgets about them quickly. 

It was an amazing moment when my client realized he is lovable and there people in his life even now who care about him and who love him unconditionally. 

The rest of the session we spend reframing old beliefs, integrating traumatic moment, releasing suppressed emotions and find the purpose in this present moment. 

In this case after the session the client felt emotional and couple days took life easier, created space for more emotional release and crying. Because where would those repressed feelings go if not released in tears? Even his body gave away symptoms of letting go and decompression. 

Inner awakening doesn’t come out of light and joy. It comes out of pain. And that’s what happened to my client. 

1 month after the session, he called me to update me on his progress. He went to dance classes and started to attend creative writing workshops as he always dreamt of writing songs. He also took out his guitar that was laying in dust for 30 years and brought back music into his life again. He was lost for words at how transformational that experience was for him. And he understands that healing takes time but he now looks into the future with hope. He started to see dreams again, he started to make plans and take actions… something he couldn’t do for decades.

I can never express in words as well how grateful I am for those moments. When I hear updates from clients and seeing their progress. There is no better reward than knowing you helped someone to see the light again, to see the magic of life.

Don’t wait for someone to come and take the depression away. All the inner work needs to be done within, in your mind and in your heart. Don’t be afraid to look into the darkest places of your soul, because they hold the biggest healing potential in your life.

And if you decide that I can help you with that, my voice will safely guide you there so that we can create a beautiful transformation that will change your perception and your life.

How RTT Hypnotherapy can help you solve your problem with depression?

  • Help you reconnect to your feelings and emotions
  • Guide you to rediscover your purpose
  • Help you see positive things in the present and let go of the past.

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Kate Semeniuk

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I know how it feel to not know the answers and be in constant cycle of worries and anxiety. Hypnotherapy changed my life, and now I want to change yours.

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