Weight Issues and Eating Disorders

Deep rooted beliefs and unconscious blocks stand in the way of weight loss and can often lead to food addictions and various eating disorders.

If you are struggling with weight issues or eating disorder, you are not alone. Look at these numbers:

  • 1 in 10 – is having an eating disorder
  • 1 in 3 – is overweight or obese
  • 90% – do not consider psychological aspect of their issue

Here is a weight loss hypnotherapy   case study   :

I had a client who was ditching diets every time she received the desired weight. She would get really frustrated as how fast she gained the weight back and at some point in her early 40-ties, there were over 30 diets in her sample list. All of the diets gave her desired results but she was unable to make it a lifestyle and gained twice as much in the nest couple months after the program. She would also go into depressed mood because of that and was so tired of all the programs that sold her long lasting permanent results. She was frustrated that she kept craving sugar and unhealthy snacks even after all the knowledge she had about nutrition and weight control.

So we go into the session. In the first scene, her mom is criticizing her for eating too much and gaining weight after she returned from her grandmother’s house, where she spent the summer. In another scene, her older brother is calling her fat and ugly and in the third scene, she is being groped by her running coach.

And here are the beliefs she formed out of those moments:

  • I am never enough for my mom
  • I am fat and ugly. Since the person who is supposed to support me and love me is calling me fat, it must be true.
  • I need to protect myself from the inappropriate actions, I need to be unattractive, so that he won’t touch me again.

And all those beliefs are in the subconscious mind. Since that part of our mind doesn’t know time, how is it playing out in her life now? 

  1. She never feels she is pretty and lovable
  2. She keeps binging on food (because that reminds her of unconditional love from her grandmother)
  3. She unconsciously keeps getting back to the weight gain as a protective strategy, creating layers so that no one does anything to her against her will.

The healing comes and it is the most liberating moment in the session. The clients realizes that she is not a child anymore so she can protect herself. Her brother doesn’t play any role in her life anymore and is not an authority in her life, so she doesn’t have to hold those beliefs. She also get the understanding why she binged on food when she craved attention and love. 

We create a space for her to give herself everything she wanted – love attention praise and validation. 

In the next 3 weeks she sheds 5 pounds and in the next 2 months she goes back still losing weight consistently, because her habits changed. She became indifferent to sugar and she became more conscious in her workout plan. She takes it easy step by step and she feels great. She finally started to look at herself in the mirror with adoration and self-acceptance. 

Would you like that for yourself?

Rapid Transformation Therapy® will go to the root cause of your problems with weight. After the session you will get an understanding where they came from and transform your beliefs so that you can take actions towards a healthy life.

I work with:

  • Body image
  • Overweight
  • Diet ditching
  • Unhealthy food choices
  • Emotional overeating
  • Binge eating

Didn’t find other issues associated with weight and eating disorders? Contact me for inquiry.

How RTT can help you with weight issues?

  • Finds The Root Cause of the weight problem
  • Reinforces self-love and positive body image 
  • Elevates self-acceptance and releases shame and guilt over past experiences

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Kate Semeniuk

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I know how it feel to not know the answers and be in constant cycle of worries and anxiety. Hypnotherapy changed my life, and now I want to change yours.

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